Kindsvatter, Dalling & Associates, Inc.&;s Background

Kindsvatter, Dalling & Associates, Inc. (KD&A) is a strategic initiative governmental relations and association management specialist firm with a seasoned professional staff whose primary goal is providing clients with business management services and legislative representation at the state and national level.

The landscape on which Michigan’s businesses operate continues to change. While the professionals at KD&A adapt to the changing business climates in Michigan, KD&A remains committed to the principles upon which the firm was founded. Since the company’s original inception in 1934 by Wilfred F. Doyle as the Michigan Chain Store Council, Inc., KD&A has represented various clients, including retail trade associations, professional organizations, large manufacturing corporations, energy companies, major food retailers, and environmental interests.

Unique in the firms approach to client service, KD&A recognizes that complete service means more than scheduling meetings with Michigan’s opinion leaders or for the association’s members. The far reaching impact of a complex state bureaucracy has made government a “partner” in the operation of nearly every organization/association. KD&A utilizes its extensive contacts to provide maximum exposure on client issues in order to facilitate positive interaction between clients and Michigan’s policy makers. When KD&A handles the management and legislative affairs of an organization, we achieve results. KD&A has the knowledge and capability to translate organization or association member activities into legislative action.

Companies and associations also benefit from KD&A’s aggressive public relations program that translates into a politically active membership, able to influence legislative response to the organization clients and association’s needs. Successful companies and associations today use dependable organizational management, strong public relations, and proactive legislative action to achieve organization and association goals, attract new clients or members and retain present clients or members. This results in a strong and influential organization or association.

Information means power to your company or association as well. Planning programs and informing organization/association members of government issues is yet another phase of KD&A&;s work. KD&A has more than 100 combined years of experience in providing legislative solutions, industry education programs, board management and the full range of services to keep the organization/association strong and help it grow. Governmental relations-lobbying and association management is one of our basic strengths and the foundation for the relationship between KD&A and our clients. KD&A works tirelessly to convert information and ideas into business opportunities for our clients in the constantly changing world.

We provide successful lobbying and government affairs strategies. We offer cost-effective association management and support services. We supply the solutions to our clients’ problems.