Association Philosophy

KD&A, in addition to its lobbying team, can operate your association organizational and day-to-day activities. KD&A’s Association Services Division is unique in this field and has been managing associations since 1968. Volunteer-supported associations have distinct advantages and opportunities, through a management service contract, due to flexibility in governing their own business affairs, while affording the opportunity to have at their disposal a full-time professional management staff to attend to the membership’s needs. To have both legislative and management "under one roof" assures that legislative involvement is interpreted into legislative action by the membership using every resource available to you.

KD&A handles a multitude of tasks on behalf of our industry association clients. KD&A manages the data bases, finances, board meetings, member meetings, education seminars and conventions of many of our clients. We offer experienced, highly professional staff for any and all of the normal functions and needs of organizations that conduct business on behalf of their industry, under the leadership of industry volunteers on the board and in the committees. KD&A works with association members to fulfill the full range of selected programs to suit their industry needs.

Association Structure

KD&A will serve as the management group responsible for all the association business affairs. One of KD&A’s principals will serve as the Executive Director, and will hold full responsibility for all allocations of KD&A human resources to handle your association’s daily activities. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible on you - the volunteer.

Office Location

KD&A’s office, located at 1000 West St. Joseph Hwy, Lansing, Michigan, will serve as the headquarters for the association. This office building is located conveniently off of I-496 in downtown Lansing. It offers convenient access to the State Capitol located three blocks away. The office building has its own parking lot to accommodate office personnel, as well as visiting association members. The building has a conference room with a capacity of up to fifteen people, as well as onsite storage facilities.

The opportunity to have a permanent location near the Capitol gives a strong impression of success to association members and the Legislature.

Committee Structure

KD&A believes that the key to any volunteer organization is a strong, sound committee structure. KD&A will offer advice to each committee as committees pursue their respective strategic goals. Successful committees lead to a thriving association; a thriving association is a growing association; and a growing association is an influential association.

Business Operations

A full-service association has many facets. To ensure our association clients operate effectviley, KD&A furnishes a complete receptionist and secretarial services, including the answering of a dedicated telephone line, use of KD&A’s electronic communication fax and e-mail address through the computer network and Internet system. The KD&A office offers meeting space and conference rooms for meetings of up to thirty people, which includes meal capabilities, as well as the use of the facilities, storage area, and file space.

KD&A has staff dedicated to support in preparing mailings; sending notices; taking minutes; arranging meetings, educational conferences and convention locations; and attend all association board, executive, and committee meetings. If needed, KD&A will conduct the conversion of needed membership databases, financial records, billing statements, and other documentation, to be compatible with our systems.

Financial Services

Under the direction of the association Treasurer, KD&A will oversee the daily financial operations for your organization. KD&A will record all income and process all credit card transactions received at the the association office. KD&A will make all necessary deposits in the association account and record in QuickBooks program.  KD&A will also prepare of all checks for expenses on a bimonthly schedule for the association Treasurer’s review and signature, as well as present a balance sheet and Profit / Loss statements each month. Preparation and filing of the annual State of Michigan nonprofit report with the Department of Labor and Economic Growth will also be handled by KD&A staff.

In addition to the above duties, KD&A will assist in annual budget planning as well as advise and provide research on potential investment opportunities of the association’s short-and long-term portfolio.


KD&A takes its commitment to integrity very seriously. That is why KD&A maintains a strict checks and balances system where check signing privileges rests in the organizations treasurers hands. Further, KD&A recommends that designated members act as a committee on annual basis to perform a financial review to examine the association’s financial standing of the previous operational year. This provides added integrity to the financial process of the association’s business affairs.

Membership Services


Of all the tools at an association’s disposal, perhaps, none are as important as accurate membership tools. After all, the membership is what makes an association. KD&A provides all the essential tools and services needed to maintain proper membership files and records. KD&A will coordinate all dues collections, database maintenance, as well as prepare monthly membership reports to the association&;s membership committee.

KD&A staff will also assist in attracting new members through membership drives. KD&A will also work with your membership committees to help promote the expansion of membership services and other programs that will enhance the membership of your association as well as possible offer a source of non-dues revenue generating through a membership benefit program.



KD&A publication department can design communication pieces to meet all of our clients’ needs. With a design professional on staff, we do evertyhing from membership brochures to magazines, to newsletters and membership directories. 

KD&A coordinates the production of association publications knowing that association volunteers do not typically have the time or experience in working with print professionals. KD&A works with only the best, and that is why we have assembled a team of award winning print professionals that offer the best quality at affordable pricing.

Because KD&A is a full service provider, we do more than simply coordinate the design, layout and printing of your publications. KD&A assists your association in preparation of full financial budget for the newsletter income and production costs. We also help your association collect advertising.

Meetings, Conferences, Event Planning


KD&A professionals recognize that seminars, meetings, and conferences are just one specific area that should be a profit center for the association. To this end, KD&A provides complete support services and a conference development approach to your association’s conference and educational programs. Our event planning services offers a management support staff for development and completion of all events, including preparation of a proposed budge, a final financial analysis, and a summary breakdown of every function of the conference to assist in all future planning and hotel negotiations. 

KD&A staff will work with the Conference Committee on all event planning stages.  This includes working with the committee to arrange all programs and speakers, as well as food and entertainment functions, as well as the development and coordination of production, printing and distribution of conference promotional brochures.  KD&A will handle all office and on-site registration of attendees and create the necessary financial and attendance reports.

Strategic Planning

KD&A believes a professionally drafted strategic plan is the single most important tool an organization, its board, and management have at their disposal to properly manage the organization&;s future, and serve the needs of its members. A strategic plan establishes a road map for management to follow, prioritizes the numerous tasks that management is asked to perform, and provides the board of directors with a benchmark for use when evaluating the effectiveness of management.

KD&A provides the coordination and facilitation of strategic planning for its numerous client companies and associations. It is important that your association has a plan. KD&A can provide the tools and personnel to establish such a planning process and assist in the development and implementation of association goals and objectives for the long term.

Industry Alliances

In the pursuit of association growth, and in the legislative arena, numbers are the measurement in obtaining success. KD&A has perfected the art of alliance building among its clients and with other organizations that will produce the positive outcome your association desires. Partnering and alliance building with similar organizations to facilitate an objective positively enhances the association&;s goals and legislative objectives. KD&A can identify and facilitate coordination of industry alliances for your association.

Grant Procurement

KD&A can assist in targeting and writing grants. KD&A has extensive experience in not only identifying, but also attaining, grants to expand your organizations goals. There may be opportunities that exist through private or public funding for your association to promote industry-specific programs.

Presently KD&A has obtained and manages over a dozen federal and state programs for its clients. To date, KD&A has procured over $1 million in government funds for use in public education, research, and safety programs.

Web Site Development

If you’re visiting this page, you already recognize the importance of a website as a tool for communication and information. KD&A can assist in developing or maintaining your association’s website.

Presently KD&A has developed and/or maintains the following websites: