Legislative Strategy

Beyond skills and experience lie personal relationships. At Kindsvatter, Dalling & Associates, Inc. (KD&A), our network of relationships reaches every level of government including members of the Legislature, the Executive office, and top administrators of various state departments and agencies.

Unique in the firms approach to client service, KD&A recognizes that complete service means more than scheduling meetings with Michigan’s opinion leaders or for the association’s members. The far reaching impact of a complex state bureaucracy has made government a “partner” in the operation of nearly every business, organization, and association in the private sector. KD&A utilizes its extensive contacts to provide maximum exposure on client issues and facilitate positive interaction between clients and Michigan’s policy makers. We not only get you a seat at the table; we get you a seat at the right table with the right people.

The professionals that make up KD&A have mastered the modern, sophisticated techniques that move agendas and achieve results in today&;s governmental, political and business arenas. Add up the skills, experience and networks. The sum of these unique parts is translated to our clients in the formation of long-term advocacy for their concerns.

If needed to obtain the goals desired for the client, Kindsvatter, Dalling & Associates, Inc. partners with other respected and time tested firms capable in handling specialized areas of legislative issue management. Many times, advocating a client&;s position in government requires not only the services of a lobbying organization but the advice of experts in the area of public policy development, legal, public relation and polling to provide complete issue management to the client. This “package” approach to legislative and administrative influence in government provides that needed edge for the client.

Integrity / Effectiveness / Results-Oriented

Kindsvatter, Dalling & Associates, Inc. places great emphasis on integrity of the process. In the final analysis we can only be effective if we have earned close, personal trust of the policy makers and our clients. We limit our legislative activities to a specialized group of clients to avoid the conflicts and dilution that often hamstring the work of larger firms.


Political Action

The changing political climate has propelled the entire political system into unprecedented upheaval. Today, the most effective businesses and trade groups are those that are able to combine policy development with political action.

At KD&A we advise, assist and develop the political action our clients need through management of political action committees (PACs). This includes everything from helping our clients form PACs, to fundraising, to filing all the necessary legal documents, and complying with the complex campaign finance laws.


Public Relations

At KD&A, we believe public relations encompass more than just issuing press releases. We believe public relations includes everything necessary to achieve the positive community awareness our clients desire.

That’s why, when necessary, KD&A retains and works closely with other professional firms. At KD&A, we recognize that our clients’ goals may require other experts. This package approach provides that needed edge for the client to achieve their goals.

To provide clients with issue-based consulting that specialize in public policy development, KD&A partners with experts who are capable in providing public policy development, issue briefs, position papers, expert testimony, and public relations before legislative and administrative committees. KD&A can assist your business or association in building and maintaining a strong public relations presence. In conjunction with our network partner, Communications & Research, KD&A can issue press releases and promote community awareness of our clients and provide image consulting services as needed. KD&A can also coordinate the clients’ presence at industry events and trade shows where appropriate.

The management of the media is important in the development of public policy issues in the legislature. Our partners’ major focus is providing the research, polling and presentations to the media on the issues that influence public policy and ultimately legislative direction.